Finding Joy on the B-Side of Life | Ecclesiastes | 2:24-26
Aaron KahlerLast Sunday
Is Wealth Worth Working For? | Ecclesiastes | 2:18-23
Aaron Kahler4/7/2024
Reinvestigating the Resurrection | Easter
Aaron Kahler3/31/2024
Is Wisdom What Matters? | Ecclesiastes | 2:12-17
Aaron Kahler3/24/2024
Is Pleasure the Point? | Ecclesiastes | 2:1-11
Aaron Kahler3/17/2024
The Futility of Life & Search for Meaning | Ecclesiastes | 1:1-18
Aaron Kahler3/10/2024
Missional Inertia | Missions | Week 4
Aaron Kahler3/3/2024
Missions: You Were Made For This | Missions | Week 3
Aaron Kahler2/25/2024
What Is Missions and Why All The Fuss? | Missions | Week 2
Aaron Kahler2/18/2024
Let There Be Light | Missions | Week 1
Aaron Kahler2/11/2024
A Second Touch | Healing Hands | Week 3
Aaron Kahler1/28/2024
When The Marvelous Becomes Mundane | Healing Hands | Week 2
Aaron Kahler1/21/2024
David Sweet
Associate Pastor
The Gospel: The Key That Turns Everything | 1 Corinthians | Week 28
David Sweet9/24/2023
Free Slavery | 1 Corinthians | Week 19
David Sweet7/23/2023
Fireproof or Flammable? Your Role in the Church | 1 Corinthians | Week 10
David Sweet4/30/2023
How Do Christians Grow Spiritually?
David Sweet1/22/2023
God's Plan for Evangelism
David Sweet10/9/2022
The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Soul
David Sweet6/19/2022
1 Kings 10
David Sweet5/1/2022
Greg Burney
Minister of Students
Do You Know Him?
Greg Burney1/7/2024
Fullness of Joy
Greg Burney10/29/2023
Identity in Jesus | Sunday Sermon
Greg Burney5/14/2023
Mighty God of Mercy
Greg Burney9/4/2022
What Fulfills You?
Greg Burney3/20/2022
Danny Onaca
Minister of Music & Creative Arts
The Call of Maranatha
Danny Onaca12/31/2023
True Spiritual Worship
Danny Onaca6/18/2023
The Sting of Death and the Sovereignty of God
Danny Onaca7/24/2022
Scott Devor
Pastor of Kids & Administration
Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior | Healing Hands | Week 4
Scott Devor2/4/2024
Glorify God With Your Body | 1 Corinthians | Week 14
Scott Devor6/4/2023
Parting Words | 2 Timothy | Week 7
Scott Devor11/27/2022
When You're in a Dry and Weary Land
Scott Devor7/17/2022