We will gather indoors to worship on Sunday at 9:30 and 10:45am.  The services will be available via our livestream. More information here.


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You will find links to policies, procedures, and forms for requesting registration setup, room reservations, marketing of events, and vehicle usage at Hays Hills Baptist Church.

Facility Use Guidelines - all users of church grounds, facilities, or both, must review and follow these guidelines.  Submitting either of the two forms below indicates the user has read, understands, and agrees to these guidelines.

Church Event Setup Form - use this form when you need a place for people to register for your event, room reservation for your event, and marketing of your event.  Download the form, complete and submit to jennifer@hayshills.com  Here are some ideas for how to promote your Church Event!

Facility Use Agreement - use this form for all non-church program related needs.  Contact the church office first to confirm the space you need is available and allow the Operations Manager and Minister over Facilities to determine the fee for the usage.  You will be contacted to complete this form once a cost (or no cost, if applicable) has been determined.  Email completed form to jennifer@hayshills.com

Van Policy and Procedure 

Please download the linked form needed for your purposes, complete, and submit to jennifer@hayshills.com

Driver Screening and Acknowledgement

Van Reservation Form