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Turkey 2019



Target Participants and Group Size:

Due to the activities planned on this trip and in respect for the culture of the Turkish people, women are best suited to participate in this trip.  While men are always welcome, there will be limited opportunities for participation.  There is space for the trip leader and 2 additional participants on this trip.  


The length of this trip is 7-10 days.  The purpose is to support and encourage workers in this field by serving them in their home, praying with and for their families and their work while joining them in one of the biggest opportunities of their year.  

On the island of Buyuk Ada, the Festival of St. George is seen as a special day to come and ask for a blessing from God.  While the Holiday is part of the Greek Orthodox calendar, those coming to seek blessings are from all walks and religions.  There is a great deal of superstition involved in the process of summitting the island and receiving the blessing you seek.  This day offers an opportunity to present the gospel to people who are already in a 'seeking' frame of mind. 


Participants must have the physical stamina to walk (and climb) a 1 mile path while carrying gear and supplies.  The Festival day is long and entirely outdoors with limited space available for seating.  In general the trip will consistently involve walking 1-3 miles on any given day. 

While it's not mandatory, it is highly encouraged that particpants learn to draw the henna design that will be offered to sojourners on their way to seek a blessing.   This will require some dedication and practice.  Memorization is not necessary.  A pattern will be available to reference on the day. 

Other activities might include passing out water to those in line or praying for those who are hearing the story, as well as general service and encouragement.


The following is a list of possible trip costs.  It is intended to serve as a guide and may not be exhaustive.

  • Airfare:  Travel time will be approximately 18 hours and the ticket cost is about $1,500 roundtrip. 
  • Immunizations:  The recommended immunizations for Turkey are:  Measles (MMR), Hepatitis A and Typhoid, plus the routine vaccinations that most likely have, such as diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and the yearly flu shot.  Depending on where you go and how many you need, the cost for these can range from $100- $400. 
  • Travel Insurance:  Travel Insurance is required.  Gallagher Charitable International Insurance (formerly Adams & Associates) will be used for our trip and provides medical, accidental death, medical evacuation, disability, and many other benefits.  The cost is $3.30/per person per day
  • Spending Money:  Spending money is needed for various things:  incidental meals in airports and while traveling around, hotel fees (as applicable), souvenirs or gifts.  It's recommended to have at least $200 for spending money.  


The following are required before participating in this trip.

  • Pastoral interview
  • Background Check
  • Completion of child safety video course
  • Demonstration of desire and intent to engage in sacrificial service for the advancement of the kingdom of God

For additional information, contact Sherrell Ladd