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Transitional Housing

What is Hays Hills Transitional Housing Ministry?:
Transitional Housing Ministy (Rescue-Rebuild-Rejoice) is a ministry of Hays Hills Baptist Church which seeks to help single moms get back on their feet through housing, mentoring, and assisting with other needs

Provide temporary housing to mothers and
children who are at risk for homelessness

Provide a spiritual and practical support
Mentor mothers, providing spiritual guidance and training in budgeting, job-seeking skills, parenting, life skills, relationships and other issues.
Provide encouragement to obtain additional training and education to further their careers.
Collect a small rent, based on a sliding scale, which will be returned to mothers to be used as a deposit upon transition into permanent housing.

Share the joy and sense of accomplishment with these families as they grow in rebuilding their lives to the glory of God!

For more information about this ministry, please message