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Becoming a HHCM Volunteer

Becoming a HHCM Volunteer

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Becoming an HHCM Volunteer

We are so excited that you are considering joining the awesome work the Lord is doing in Hays Hills Children's Ministry (HHCM). Below you will find information on how you can become a volunteer with HHCM. If you have any further questions, please contact our Children's Minister, Ethan Graves

Volunteer Opportunities

*Please note that our volunteers commit to one school year (August to August) at a time. Therefore, some of the roles might be filled at the moment you first inquire but could become available soon. Please contact our Children's Minister with any questions. 

  • Bible Life Teacher
    • Bible Life Teachers use The Gospel Project Curriculum to teach lessons for our Children's Bible Life classes. They teach during the 9:30 hour once every other week. 
  • Bible Life Subs
    • Bible Life Subs fill in for the teachers when they are out of town or sick. Subs teach during the 9:30 hour. Most times advance notice is given, but sickness can happen at any moment so subs may be asked to fill on shorter notice.  
  • Aide on Rotation in Mrs. Sweet’s Bible Life Class
    • Mrs. Sweet teachers the 2nd and 3rd grade children every week. Her aides assist her in teaching the lessons. Mrs. Sweet's aides serve on rotation. 
  • Sunday Morning Check-in Aide
    • Check-in aides stand at the Welcome Desk for 15 minutes before each service helping families get security badges and directions to classrooms. Check-in aides serve on rotation. 
  • Nursery/Pre-K Aides
    • Nursery/Pre-K aides work alongside our childcare workers to spend Sunday morning caring for our little ones. Nursery aides serve on rotation. 
  • Administrations Aides
    • HHCM has lots of moving pieces. Administration Aides assist the Children's Minister in making sure each program and event is running well, e.g. keeping track of AWANA points, creating advertisements, or keeping volunteer rotations organized. 
  • AWANA Handbook Leaders
    • Handbook leaders spend all night with a group of our children. They sit with the children during lesson time, listen to children recite their verses during handbook time, and play games during game time. 
  • AWANA Secretaries
    • Secretaries check children into AWANA. They also keep records of how many verses each child says and the awards they earn. 
  • AWANA Sparks Teacher 
    • The Sparks Teacher is responsible to teach the large group lesson to our Sparks children. 
  • AWANA TNT Teacher
    • The TNT Teacher is responsible to teach the large group lesson to our TNT children.
  • AWANA Game Leader
    • The Game Leader runs game time using the AWANA game book and their own creativity. They also keep track of the points each team earns.

*All AWANA leaders serve every Wednesday night from 6:40 until 8:15.

Volunteer Criteria 

  • All applicants must be members in good standing of HHBC for at least six months. 
  • All applicants must be adults (18 or older). Minors who are at least thirteen years of age are welcome to assist (subject to the approval and direction of the Children’s Minister), but they will be paired with an adult caregiver at all times.
  • All applicants must complete the application process (see below).
  • Applicants will be approved by the Children’s Minister in consultation with the Lead Pastor.

 Pathway to Becoming an HHCM Volunteer

  • Anyone interested in serving in HHCM must fill out an application and read the Child Protection Policy.
  • After filling out the application, the Children’s Minister will schedule a meeting with the applicant to discuss their desire to serve, answer any questions they have about the CPP, and to determine where they would best fit in the ministry.
  • Applicants will sign the CPP's Statement of Agreement and Acknowledgment form then return a signed copy to the Children’s Minister.
  • The Children’s Minister will run the appropriate background and social media checks as well as follow up with the references listed on the application.
  • Once all checks are finished, the Children’s Minister will have applicants complete a child abuse awareness training.
  • Upon completion of child abuse awareness training, applicants will be ready to serve in Children’s Ministry.

*Please note the following:

- All completed records of screening procedures will be kept securely along with the original application.

-The background check, child abuse awareness training, and signing of the acknowledgment and agreement statement will be renewed every two years for those who wish to continue in their roles.

Volunteer Commitments

*We love having volunteers serve for years at a time, but we also understand that life unfolds in seasons. Therefore, serving in Children’s Ministry is not a life-long commitment. By signing the acknowledgment and agreement statement, volunteers commit to serving for one school year (August to August).

  • Be members in good standing at HHBC
  • Seek to demonstrate Christ's love in the way we love the children
  • Set an example of proper Christian conduct in the way we live our lives
  • Strive to get the Scriptures into the hands, heads, and hearts of the children
  • Attend annual training
    • Ministry Area Training in the Spring
    • CPP Training in the Fall
  • Protect our children by following the CPP
  • Honor their commitments to serve and find their own, approved replacement in the event they cannot serve when they are scheduled
  • Arrive at their area of service 15 minutes prior to the start time
  • Understand that the care of children is not a right, but a privilege. Since serving with children is a privilege, it may be revoked or suspended at any time by the Children’s Minister, Lead Pastor, or Elders if the above expectations are consistently not met or if any of the policies and procedures in this plan are violated with intent to harm the children entrusted to our care.

*Any caregiver who fails to comply with the policies in this CPP will be suspended from service and required to meet with the Children’s Minister.