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Bible Studies


Online Bible Studies

We are glad to provide our membership with Bible study resources they can use on the go via Right Now Media.  Login to Right Now Media.

If you need a login, please email Greg Burney or David Sweet.


Group Bible Studies

We have group Bible studies on Sunday evenings, Wednesday mornings, and Wednesday evenings.  We also have small groups who meet for Bible studies at various times throughout the semester.  If you need information on studies available in addition to these below, please contact David Sweet.

Women's Wednesday A.M. Bible Study - Breathe, info, led by Amy Davidson and Jan Turner

Women's Wednesday P.M. Bible Study - Discerning the Voice of God, info, led by Glenda Beardon and Whitney Lawson

Women's Wednesday P.M. Bible Study - Romans, Verse by Verse, info, with Sethie Whittaker

Men's Wednesday P.M. Bible Study

Adult Sunday P.M. Bible Study, Christian History, info, led by Bill Deane